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Potential beyond boundaries

We are a one stop solution for all learning and development needs.

We operate in multiple industries, in numerous cities and several countries. We are a team of people who are focussed
on following through after learning interventions- making sure that classroom learning is translated into workplace action.

What we do?

Facilitator led

We customise each programme with extensive field study and co-created content. The content creation follows principles of Instructional Design and ADDIE. We do not ...

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Our coaching is very intense and uses a proprietary method. This system has originated out of a detailed research involving more than 1000 people. Coaching interventions ...

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Our simulations are board-based games that bring slices of life into the classroom. We operate from a philosophy that life itself is the greatest teacher – if we know ...

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Outbound learning

We believe that learning should not be restricted to the classroom. We also believe that if people can be exposed to the idea of how they can learn from every experience ...

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Culture change

Peter Drucker has said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Strategies can succeed only when they are aligned to the culture of the organisation. We use the well-established ...

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Growth of individuals can only be planned when we know the starting point. It is getting increasingly difficult for organisations to use traditional methods of assessment ...

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The PESOS Methodology

To make our interventions more effective in a measurable manner, we use our special method called PESOS.
This stands for Prepare, Explain, Show, Observe, Supervise & Sustain.

The methodology stems from the fact that measuring the effectiveness of training is very difficult, especially as the facilitator
loses control once the participant leaves the classroom. We have therefore modified the classical Kirkpatrick model.
Our addition of a new intermediate level called “commitment to change in behaviour” makes all the difference.


This is our innovative idea. Capturing commitments to change behaviour in a structured format which is then reported to the manager of the participants, enables both the participant and the manager to collaborate in the learning journey.

Breaking out of limitations

Humans have unlimited potential. It is possible to tap into one’s own capability if one can acquire the correct knowledge,
develop the right attitudes, learn the right skills, formulate actionable strategies and covert all of this into a habit.

All these five components are interrelated and affect each other. KASSH helps people work on all five pieces.



Case Studies

Implementing PESOS

Theories are always good. The rigour of execution is what causes failures. Here is a step by step approach that will help an organisation to implement the methodology called PESOS.

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Competency development
for front line managers

While it sounds difficult, developing competencies is a process of many small steps. Here is a success story about creating higher levels of competencies.

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Reflections on leadership

Leadership does not have cut and dry answers. Here is a situational story with a few questions at the end. One can reflect on those questions and try to find answers for oneself.

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